VIDEO: Student Thrives in Accelerated Program

Brittany Miller and Joe Ledger Contributors

Lewis University’s School for Professional and Continuing Education provides older and seasoned adult students another chance to earn their college degree.

Shaun Ivy, an accelerated undergraduate student, expressed that “being an accelerated student is much easier than being a traditional undergraduate student.”

Ivy is a 28-year-old student at Lewis that has tried being both an accelerated and an undergraduate student. Ivy is majoring in business management. When he graduated from high school he started working full-time, but years later he tried to take classes as an accelerated student at another university and worked at the same time.

Ivy expressed that he wanted to have the experience as a traditional undergraduate student because he was never able to have that opportunity. At that time, he was 26 years of age. He applied to Lewis and did just what his mind was focused on.

Only at Lewis for a semester, he realized that it was not for him.

“I was different than other traditional undergraduate students. I just knew that I was different. I had worked and I knew that I had a lot of experience and my mentality was different,” said Ivy.

Ivy also expressed that being a traditional undergraduate student cost much more than being an accelerated student. While traditional undergraduate tuition cost around $30,000, accelerated students have block tuition. Ivy says that for him “currently it cost me $600 per credit hour. So I can take one class and it cost me only $1800 for it.”

The perception of a traditional undergraduate student that lives on campus is an 18-21 year old college student. Ivy felt that he wasn’t a typical traditional student, so after he made his transition to an accelerated student he says, “now I’m in a setting where I am more of the younger one,” Ivy works for Wendy’s as a general manager. He enjoys that he can work full-time but is also able to take classes at convenient times that best suit his schedule. Accelerated students have trimesters where they have to take classes all year round vs. a traditional undergraduate student who has 16-week semesters.

Ivy appreciates the SPCE program at Lewis and doesn’t plan to go back to being a traditional undergraduate student.

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