School for Professional & Continuing Education Offers Option for Adult Learners

Photo provided by Joe Ledger & Brittany Miller: The mission statement displayed in the Learning Resource Center for The School for Professional and Continuing Education.

Joe Ledger and Brittany Miller, Contributor

The School for Professional and Continuing Education provides realistic programs for working adults.

The SPCE department is intended for adult students to be able to achieve a degree or certificate program in a timely manner. The program offers five to eight week courses that help keep accelerated adult students on track, while maintaining their other responsibilities outside of the classroom. Students can take traditional classroom courses, online courses as well as a blended course comprising of classroom time and online time.

The SPCE department houses multiple degree completion programs that the accelerated adult students can take. The SPCE department also allows traditional students to take some of these courses in time of need.

The SPCE department, like any other education program, has requirements in order to qualify as an adult student. The SPCE department does, however, make some requirement exceptions in different areas of the programs.

The admission requirements for an adult student comprises of being 24 years of age or older, having at least 12 credits of undergraduate work completed from an institution and having three years of work experience in any occupational field.

Seeing how the SPCE department tries to help adult students as much as they can to achieve their degree, the process may seem even more helpful to the adult students by offering many learning centers.

Aside from the main campus in Romeoville, Lewis has convenient locations in Oak Brook, Chicago, Shorewood, Hickory Hills, Tinley Park and Albuquerque, New Mexico.

When looking at a few differences between an accelerated adult program student compared to the traditional undergraduate student, one difference Sarah Wiegman, Director of Administration Services, believes is the college experience.

“The traditional undergrad students are here for a different college experience,” said Wiegman. Wiegman added that most of the adult students have a lot to balance between work, school and family, compared to traditional students, who may share some of the same responsibilities as the adult students. But primarily, most of the traditional students aren’t occupied with families and a full-time job, which allows them to focus on school.

For more information on what the School for Professional and Continuing Education has to offer, visit

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