Governor Quinn Signs Bills on Lewis Campus

The Lewis club rugby team runs a blocking drill during their practice on Fri., Sept. 13.

Photo provided by Ross Reed: Governor Pat Quinn signs three bills in front of local legislatures and the Lewis community.

Ross Reed, News Editor

Lewis became the host of a private press conference organized by the team of Governor Pat Quinn. Local political advocates, leaders, media and the press were all present to see Quinn sign three bills.

Governor Quinn chose to have the press conference at the University Science building because of its 21st century education and the importance it has to the community.

“The great thing about Lewis is that they focus on the first in the family to go to college and graduate college,” said Quinn. “I think it’s really so important that we acknowledge institutions like this one.”

Quinn signed three bills that were represented and advocated by a political leader in the southwest suburban area. These bills were the House Bill 2856, House bill 2690 and Senate bill 1930.

“We’re here today because we believe in Democracy,” Quinn Said.

House bill 2856 sponsored by State Representative Natalie Manley (Joliet) and State Senator Jennifer Bertino-Tarrant (Shorewood), requires the development of an Illinois 911 systems directory so that calls can be forwarded and transferred much quicker.

“This new 911 directory system will enable an easier transfer of calls to the local 911 centers. This law takes effect on Jan. 1, 2014.  It definitely is a benefit to Lewis students and everyone in Illinois,” said Laurette Liesen, Professor and Political Science Department Chair.

The two other bills have a more narrow focus.

HB-2690, sponsored by State Representatives Lawrence Walsh (Joliet) and State Senator Pat McGuire (Joliet), authorizes countries that use special court appointed advocates, to charge a fee to people who are found guilty of felonies and certain other crimes. These services are used specifically to assist abused or neglected children. This law goes into effect immediately.

The last bill, SB-1930 impacts the Joliet Park District by granting an additional five years to sell a parcel of its land. The sale of the parcel, located on Route 59 and West Caton Farm Road will help the park district to improve its recreational offerings.

“The Lewis students living within this park district may eventually benefit from the proceeds of this sale that may result in additional programs,” said Liesen

The original deadline of the bill was Dec. 31, 2013, but is now extended to the end of 2018.

Students may get in contact with their local representatives or go online for any additional information.

Ross Reed
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