Intramural Basketball Championship


Shannon Kozak, Photographer

On Nov. 7 the basketball intramural season ended with a championship game between two undefeated teams. The Dream Team took on the Tune Squad in the Neil Carey Arena. The Dream Team was victorious and defeated the Tune Squad in a hard fought battle.

Photos above by Shannon Kozak:

1. Tune Squad captain Kyle Hayes and Dream Team captain Matt Frahm meet with the referees to talk before the game begins.

2. Ryan McClellan passes the ball in to play.

3. A member of Tune Squad blocks the ball as a member of Dream Team went up to score a basket.

4. The Dream Team shoots a free throw after a foul from Tune Squad.

5. The Dream Team puts up a shot as Tune Squad tries to block the ball

6. A wide open jump shot by Tune Squad in hopes of cutting Dream Team’s lead down to one point.

7. Tune Squad plays some tough defense in hopes that a turnover will result in points and cut in to Dream Team’s lead.

8. Tune Squad sets up the offense to try to gain some ground on Dream Team.

9. A drive by Tune Squad to try to score a basket.

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