44 Plays for 44 Presidents Performing at PLT


Amanda Foresta, Photographer

Lewis University and Philip Lynch Theatre presented 44 Plays for 44 Presidents on Nov. 9-11. The play that displays the lives and presidencies of the 44 men who have been President of the United States.

In case students were unable to attend the first weekend of the play, there will also be four showings on Nov. 15-18.

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Photos above by Amanda Foresta:
1. Undecided freshman Briana Reidy dons the presidential coat, and becomes George Washington.

2. After George Washington exits presidency, the cast fights over who will assume the position next.

3. During James Madison’s presidency, he sided with France in a dispute. America and England fought, and the English burned his house down.

4. James Monroe (freshman History major Brendan Rook) draws a line to separate the North and the South in hopes that everyone will get along.

5. Donning the presidential coat again, freshman History major Brendan Rook becomes President Zachary Taylor, who died while eating cherries.

6. Fighting again for the presidential coat, Reidy and sophomore English major Victoria Vega represent the back-and-forth fighting from Samuel Tilden and Rutherford Hayes.

7. The Chester A. Arthur play is run like a game show as the audience member picked guesses what quotes are true or false.

8. Senior Criminal Justice Matt Dutton wears the coat during the first play about Grover Cleveland.

9. The actors wear glasses and mustaches in the style of Teddy Roosevelt.

10. The cast writes facts about Woodrow Wilson.

11. Reidy uses a Rube Goldberg device, aka Mouse Trap, as President Herbert Hoover tries to fix the problems facing the nation.

12. Rook dons the presidential coat, and takes on the role of Dwight Eisenhower.

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