PHOTOS: Chemicals Displayed to Show Everyday Use

In the Arts and Science building on Oct. 11, chemistry and physics students used chemicals, magnets, liquid nitrogen, dry ice plus other items to do a demonstration for Lewis students. The presentation was meant to show students how this relates to the world around us and is truly everywhere and in everything we do.
Pictured above by Kevin Kuchler:
1. Chair of the chemistry department Dr. Jason Keleher explains an exothermic reaction that produced a shot of water vapor into the air.2: Lewis student Earnest Knight shows attendees liquid nitrogen and explains the safety precautions that need to be taken when handling liquid nitrogen.

3: Lewis students watch as Knight crushes a flower after soaking it in liquid nitrogen.

4. Knight demonstrates what liquid nitrogen can do with a bell on as Lewis students watch.

5. After soaking a balloon in liquid nitrogen, Knight explains how the liquid nitrogen makes the balloon sink and then rise, as it warms up.

6. Lewis students watch as a dry ice is added to a basic solution causing it to become more neutral and turn from a pink liquid to a clear one.

7. Lewis students watch in darkness, as another demonstration produces flames.

8. A demonstration of electricity displays how it is able to produce light, while sound is being prepared.

9. Two senior chemistry students get the chance to light Keleher on fire in another demonstration.10. Another fire demonstration is done, as Keleher explains what is occurring to the crowd.

11. Associate Professor Dr. Chuck Crowder does a demonstation, while Chair of the Physic Department Dr. Joseph Kozminski explains what is happening.
12. Kozminski explains what is happening, as he spins from pointing a bicycle in a specific way.
13. Chemistry students demonstrate and explain why Mentos and Diet Coke produce a reaction.
14. Chair of chemistry department Dr. Jason Keleher ends the chemistry and physics demo with a colorful and fun reaction for the students.
Kevin Kuchler

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