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Taylor Donnelly, Contributor

Lewis University is made up of about 6,500 undergraduate students. Most of the students are from the Chicago region, but there are also international students enrolled from over 25 different countries.

A number of these students’ countries, 26 to be exact, came together Jan. 25 in the Student Union to share a special part of their culture: food. The International Student Association (ISA) and International Student Services held the International Food Fair 2012.

Beginning the ceremony were students who said prayers in English, then in Swahili and ended in Mandarin.

The main feature of the event was the food offered. The Student Union was broken up into four different divisions: Asia, Europe, Africa/Middle East and the Americas.

Asia was inside the Big Red room and had dishes from China, India, the Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam and South Korea. Europe, located in the Morton Boston room, had food and treats from England, Estonia, Hungary, Scotland, the Netherlands, France and Poland. Inside the Cultural Center room was Africa and the Middle East with choices from Iraq, Ghana, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Kenya and Cameroon. Lastly, in the main section of the Student Union next to the musical performers, the Bahamas, Brazil, Mexico and Canada offered samples. The students in ISA selected all of the dishes which the Lewis University chefs prepared.

The food and socialization of the event was also accompanied by the musical talent of Callaloo, with Lewis instructor Terrance Peeples.

The Student Union was decorated with tall tables covered in red tablecloths. On each table was a flier detailing what each country had to offer. Also on top of each table was a fortune cookie, since the event was around the time of the Chinese New Year.

In the main area of the Student Union was a fundraising booth. On one side was candy offered for $0.25 to help raise money for people in Kenya. On the other side were necklaces made by African people and sold to help raise money to help build schools.

The room was crowded, and each table constantly had a few people. People came in large numbers and left in few. Martha Villegas-Miranda, member of the University Ministry and Multicultural Student Services also said the fair was excellent and had outgrown the space.

“This was a much bigger turnout than I expected,” said ISA member Katy Newberg.

The event was one of many during Diversity Week in celebration of Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday.

Taylor Donnelly

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