Biggest Day Of The Year: Flyers’ Den Hosts Super Bowl

Photo by Brian Neal: With a revamped menu, brand new pool tables and a surplus of HDTVs, the Flyers’ Den has become an even more popular hangout spot, and was the perfect location for a Super Bowl party.

Laura Fox, Contributor

When it came to Super Bowl XLVIII, whether you enjoyed the outcome or not, most can agree that the game wasn’t exactly as exciting as usual. But just because the game didn’t have you on the edge of your seat doesn’t mean the Super Bowl celebrations weren’t in full swing!

Although some students chose to stow away in their residence halls to watch the big game because of the extreme cold, plenty of students came out to the party that the Flyers’ Den was hosting.

The Den has recently made many new changes, including adding brand new TVs, pool tables, couches, tables and menu items. So what better way to have a grand re-opening than to celebrate one of the year’s biggest nights in sports? With over 10 big flat-screen televisions broadcasting the Seattle Seahawks vs. Denver Broncos game, there wasn’t an empty seat in the house. Groups of friends put together tables to cheer on their favorite team and to enjoy some great game-day food.

The Den is known for its “burger joint” style food, which is the type of food that seems to complement a major sporting event. Along with the usual burgers and chicken tenders, the hot-ticket item that was attracting many students was the newly-added boneless chicken wings. The party was the big reveal of the new menu items, including the wings with various sauce choices, flatbread pizzas and some other snacks, and the college crowd was not going to miss out on trying some new choices for food.

The line was longer than ever, but the satisfaction after tasting the food was unmistakable. Students were challenging each other at pool and arcade games, laughing and talking over delicious wings and rooting for the Broncos or Seahawks. Prizes were even being given out to the winners of the bowling arcade game. And when Bruno Mars began to sing at halftime, everyone was glued to the TV.

“It was the busiest day of the year,” Den worker Armando, who wished to keep his last name anonymous, said. “Everyone seemed to be having a great time watching the game and enjoying the food.”

With the Super Bowl party turning out to be a major success, one can only guess that the new changes to the Flyers’ Den are good for the campus and its students.

“We are much busier now,” Armando said. “The Wednesday after the party, we were out of wings and down to two bags of fries and mozzarella sticks. Students are always coming to watch games or shows on the TV’s and to grab some food.”

The Super Bowl party seemed to be just what the Den needed to get students to check out and take advantage of its modern renovations. Freshman Brittany Gorski commented on the party as well.

“I think the Super Bowl party was a great way to get Lewis students together,” Gorski said. “It was great to see a ton of people in there, having fun and hanging with their friends. I think more people go to the Den now because of the updates and because of the menu additions. I really like the new changes.”

These new additions to the Flyers’ Den are reeling more and more students in because of the enjoyment they find while being there.

“I like the addition of the TV’s,” sophomore Shannon Fite said. “It gives the Den a better atmosphere. I’m not sure whether or not they’re keeping the boneless wings for the rest of the semester, but I would like it if they did.”

The great news is the changes and additions are here to stay. The popularity of the Den seems to grow with each visit, which makes for a very friendly campus environment where students can connect over great games, food and HD entertainment.

Although this year’s Super Bowl proved to be a bit of a blowout, the success was real, not only for the Seahawks, but for the Flyers’ Den as well.

Laura Fox is a senior double majoring in journalism and public relations/advertising, with a minor in social media. She is the Editor-in-Chief of The Flyer. She has her own fashion blog, The Fashionable Fox, and is also Corey Crawford’s biggest fan. She dreams of someday working in community relations for the NHL.

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