‘Big Brother’ 19’s Paul Abrahamian remains a bridesmaid

Erin Patrick, Editor-in-Chief

On the season finale of “Big Brother,” Paul Abrahamian took second place, marking him as the only “Big Brother” contestant to place in second in two consecutive seasons of the reality show. Although Abrahamian played the ultimate puppet master this season, he fell short in maintaining a happy jury, which ultimately sealed his fate on finale night.

Losing to both Nicole Franzel of season 18 and newcomer Josh Martinez, Julie Chen, host of Big Brother, turned to Abrahamian as the finale came to a close and said, “Paul, a bridesmaid once again.”

The look of defeat on Paul’s face was evident once the last vote was read aloud and he covered his face repeating, “Not again. Not again.” Abrahamian had lost the exact same way he lost last season, with a 5-4 deciding vote and a $50,000 prize, rather than the first place $500,000 grand prize.

Dr. Will Kirby, Big Brother season two winner, hosted the roundtable discussion with the jury members during the live finale. As the jury bickered back and forth, showmance Maven (Matthew Clines and Raven Walton) stuck up for Abrahamian and the way he orchestrated plan after plan, while showmance Marlena (Mark Jansen and Elena Davies) criticized him for bullying and foul play.

Accusations of bullying on Abrahamian’s behalf were a trending topic on social media throughout the course of the season. As weeks went on and tensions rose within the house, Abrahamian found it fit to cause drama between many of the showmances that he could not make a connection with increasing his own agenda and putting a new target on someone else’s back.

In his last season, Abrahamian promoted his game play upon “friendship,” practically making that his Big Brother slogan. This season he showed that friendship was thrown out the window, while he plotted against and backdoored ally after ally.

The deciding vote on finale night came down to Cody Nickson, Abrahamian’s arch enemy of the season. The two battled it out week after week, and Abrahamian successfully sent Cody out of the house not only once, but twice. Nickson was able to fight his way back into the house during the Battle Back Showdown, but his second chance was cut short during the first double eviction.

Abrahamian and a majority of the house ultimately ended Nickson’s participation in the show and sent him packing as the first losing juror of season 19.  Abrahamian was surprised for a second time on finale night when Nickson took the title as America’s Favorite Player of season 19, walking away with $25,000.

It seems as though everything came in twos for this season’s finale; second place for a second time for Mr. Abrahamian. All in all, $50,000 isn’t the worst thing to go home with after a summer in a beautiful home in California; however, Abrahamian was looking for the first place win.

Erin Patrick is a junior public relations/advertising major and minors in both social media and marketing. This is her second year as a copy editor. She loves Harry Potter and despises SeaWorld.

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