Ask A Question, Save A Life

Lauren Grady, Assistant Tempo Editor

Jade Osowski, Health Editor


When we think of danger, we typically think of an outside source being the cause. However, danger can come from within us as well.

According to the Suicide Prevention Resource Center, among the general population of adults ages 18-24, suicide is the third leading cause of death.

Lewis University is taking action against this devastating statistic by offering students hope for a brighter tomorrow. On September 8, University Recreation Fitness and Wellness supported a “Lunch & Learn” event entitled, “QPR Training: Question, Persuade and Refer.”

This hour-long seminar was chalk full of life-saving information, offering those in attendance the chance to become a “trained gatekeeper” by the end of the event — something useful to help students save lives.


Derek Harris and Gia Washington of the Sertoma Centre hosted the training event and were very aware of the feelings of the students in attendance throughout the entire training.


“We realize this is a very touchy subject, but we need to get the word out there that suicide is 100% preventable,” said Washington. “If we stay informed, stay connected and support each other, this small group can make a huge difference.”


One of the main areas of focus was teaching trainees the difference between “complete and commit.” QPR is based on the fact that suicide is preventable, and the whole concept is about giving people hope to stay alive. QPR has proven to be very effective, but they made it clear that it is not a form of treatment.


“Being able to ask the right question is so important when deciding how to help that struggling person. Speak up and help because you could save a life,” said senior Ashley Piontkowski, a senior student in attendance.


The hope is that with an informed student body and supportive community, Lewis University can and will be a safe place where students can live and study in an encouraging environment.

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