April Snow Brings A Comedy Show: Stars From ‘Guy Code’ Visit Lewis

Roslyn Summerville, Assistant Tempo Editor

Students who were brave enough to “weather” the sudden blizzard on Monday April 14, you certainly had a fun way of escaping the cold with a comedy show.

The Pulse, a student-run organization in which they plan, organize, market and decide what types of events should be brought to campus, hosted a free comedy skit with a couple of well-known celebrities.

Donnell Rawlings and Damien Lemon came to Lewis in order to perform some of their stand-up comedy.

Donnell Rawlings is best known as a cast member on Comedy Central’s TV series the “Chapelle’s Show.”

He has also appeared in two seasons of MTV’s show “Guy Code” and is also known as the judge for a “Guy Code” spin-off called “Guy Court.”

Damien Lemon has appeared on MTV 2’s “Hip-Hop Squares” and has also been on “Guy Code.”

“I was really excited when I saw that they were coming to Lewis,” junior public history major Mary Moran said. “It’s the first time that I’ve seen real celebrities come to campus. Lewis should do stuff like this more often.”

The two comedians were unaccustomed to the Chicago weather that the Lewis community has tolerated for a very long time now.

So after they got their bearings (and got in a few jokes about how crazy the weather was being) they were able to perform a set that had the entire, packed room roaring with laughter.

“It was a lot of fun,” Moran said. “It was a nice way to take a break from all my school work and go to have a good laugh with some of my friends.”

It was obvious that the two men knew how to make the crowd have a good time during the two plus hour show.

Some lucky students were able to become involved with the show, which really highlighted Rawlings and Lemon’s  improvisational abilities.

Lemon did his stand-up performance first and then Rawlings followed and ended the show on a high note: an audience member’s cell phone kept ringing, interrupting Rawlings’ performance.

When Rawlings asked who was on the phone, the student said it was his mom. Rawlings then took the phone and started pretending that he was the woman’s son for a little bit before finally letting her know that he was in fact not her son, but instead the comedian putting on the show.

Sophomore marketing major Amber Cook thought that the comedy show was “a little racy, but it was hilarious.”

Cook also mentioned that she would like to have this kind of event again next year, but with different people. She thought that Rawlings and Lemon were the best comedians that have come to Lewis, so there are high expectations for whoever is going to perform the next time.

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