The military is a concept that is foreign to none. All five branches, which include the Army, Marines, Air Force, Navy and Coast Guard, have served to protect citizens of the United States for centuries. Those who are, or have been, America's military members of the military are often recognized as national heroes - but many people may not see all the factors or characteristics that make up not only these heroes, but also the military itself. Since 2013, Lewis University has welcomed veterans from all branches onto its campus with the implementation of the Office of Veterans Affairs and Recruitment, and has attempted to bridge the gap of students and the military. "The Untold Stories" provides examples that may be overlooked with being in the military, including personal perspectives, technology advancements, university recruitment, mental health and the recognition of women. While the stories may not be glamorous, they are the reality for service members as well as veterans. These are the untold stories.
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