Amazon searches for prime real estate

Parker Loizon, Reporter

Photo courtesy of Flickr user brew books.
Amazon designed biospheres containing botanical gardens at their Seattle headquarters.

Amazon, the mega online shopping retailer, has recently announced that they plan to open up a new North American corporate headquarters. Many cities, including New York, Boston and Dallas, have been brought up as possible locations, with spaces in Chicago and Oak Brook also in the running for being the location of the new headquarters.

Amazon requires that the city they choose have a mass transit system, office space, a major international airport and the ability to attract a new workforce.

With this, Amazon hopes to bring roughly 50,000 jobs to the city it ultimately chooses to house its new headquarters. This could mean plenty of future job opportunities for Lewis students.

Students in the fields of technology and marketing are at the forefront of Amazon’s wish list. The location that they choose must have students who are willing to work and have the technical knowledge to advance Amazon into  the future.

Illinois has many universities with students and graduates who are passionate about technology, fulfilling one of the needs that Amazon founder Jeff Bezos expressed when discussing the reasons behind which campus will be chosen.

In an interview with the Chicago Tribune, Village President of Oak Brook, Gopal Lalmalani, said, “Having a company like Amazon come to Oak Brook would be a huge economic boom for this entire area.

We believe we have a perfect situation for Amazon to come here, with McDonald’s getting ready to move.”

In June, McDonald’s announced their move from Oak Brook into Chicago.

They will be leaving behind five buildings as well as 100 acres of land around the office space.

Both Chicago and Oak Brook offer a wide array of opportunities for Amazon’s expansion, and the move will greatly benefit the city that’s chosen as well.

Although the economic situation is not necessarily ideal, with Illinois being greatly in debt and its credit rating unstable, these locations are still very much in the running to be the home of Amazon’s second American headquarters.