A Veggie Tale: Student Transitions To Meatless Diet

Lauren Grady, Assistant Tempo Editor

Deciding not to eat meat can be a life changing decision.

There are numerous websites and blogs, even Pinterest board, about how the decision to abstain from eating meat can be a healthy and transforming life experience that leads to other positive decisions.

However, saying you’re going to do something and actually doing it are two very different things.

Meg Carmody, sophomore special education and elementary education double major, decided to rise to the challenge and begin the journey of being a vegetarian. For a year, she has abstained from eating meats while still enjoying the cuisines Sodexo has to offer.

“During our winter break last year, I found myself to be very absorbed in both books and documentaries about the food industry,” Carmody said. “Learning about everything that goes into providing us, as a society, with the foods, and particularly meat, really changed how I saw what I ate.”

After seeing the process through a very graphic, eye-opening documentary, Carmody decided that if she couldn’t change how the food industry operated, she would simply remove herself from it and take her own control.

So, what are some of the best options for students at Lewis who are looking to follow suit and undergo a vegetarian diet?

“I absolutely love the black bean burgers that we’re provided at the den and cafeteria,” said Carmody. “It became a staple food for me because of both nutrition and taste, and it was provided daily at each venue.”

Through her meat-free experience, she ran into a few bumps along the way, but triumphed in the end—growing both stronger as a person and more knowledgeable in the various ways one can nourish the body without consuming meat.

“To anyone thinking about becoming a vegetarian, I would tell them to give it a try even if it only ends up working out for a week, a month or a semester,” Carmody said. “I would especially say that to people who don’t believe they can do it.”

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